Charlie Dolfun's Scuba is located on the beautiful island of Maui. 

                          We can be reached at 808-281-8033 or by email dolfunmail@gmail.com

Come learn to dive with us in the comfort and security of Hawaii's pristine waters.  Our outdoor tropical classroom and experienced instructors makes learning a joy.  We provide all the necessary equipment, materials, and classes for any diving level you wish to complete. Don't forget to search our site for a hidden coupon toward your next dive.
We offer diving instruction for those who are 10 years old and above.
     Daily by Appointment starting at 7:30am

For 8 years olds and above, or those who prefer a shallow water experience, we offer our
Jr. Diver Program

      Daily by Appointment

Certified or looking to become certified?  Check out our dives and certification classes!
      Daily at 7:00am